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"Research Institute of Nursing Science of Ajou University"


Research Institute of Nursing Science of Ajou University is the cradle of nurturing the research capabilities of members of the College of Nursing to create a body of knowledge that can actively respond to the rapidly changing health care environment and the ever-expanding nursing field.


The INS, which comprises Research Team, Education Team and Nursing Management Team, conducts academy-industry researches and multi-disciplinary researches based upon relations with professors, undergraduates, graduates, employees (staff members) of Ajou Medical Center and relevant organizations in the local community.


It motivates researches to benefit the college by providing greater research opportunities for both professors and students while holding regular conferences, seminars or special lectures to discuss latest issues about nursing. In particular, the faculty and preceptors of the college are cooperating to operate evidence-based nursing researches and diverse nursing projects for the local community as well as education programs consigned by the government for healthcare service providers of public institutions and school health teachers.


The Institute will make utmost efforts to secure funds and talents for research, engage in active academic exchanges with other disciplines and produce outstanding research performance in a bid to play a leading role in Korean nursing.



                                              Director of the Research Institute of Nursing Science

Boo, Sun joo