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Nursing Management

The faculty in this division introduces administrative and organizational theories as well as analyzes and evaluates administration concepts and organizations. Therefore, they aim to promote students' abilities to exercise leadership in various health-care systems with a good balance in various health-care systems with a good balance of theory and practice in our curriculum. The courses provided by this division include nursing ethics, law, seminars in nursing science, nursing informatics and research.


Fundamental Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on concepts of basic human needs, holism, and nursing theories and skills. The students learn specific concepts for nursing care plans that are given critical thinking process, addressing clients' basic physiological, psychosocial, and developmental needs; cognitive, interpersonal, and psychomotor skills; and patient safety. They also learn theory and nursing care procedures in the class and practice fundamental nursing skills at the laboratory before performing them in a clinical setting.


Adult Health Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on the adult population, and nursing theories and practices that assist in maintaining and promoting health as well as prevention of and recovery from illnesses. The curriculum covers theories in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years and a clinical practicum during the 3rd and 4th years. The course provides the students with theoretical knowledge, various practical experiences and opportunities for critical thinking and research.


Child Health Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on health promotion and maintenance as well as the prevention of physical and psychosocial health problems of children and their families. The students learn growth and development theory which refers to physiological and psychosocial developmental processes, and the knowledge and nursing skills for taking care of children and their family's needs as well as growth and development.


Maternity Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on monitoring, promoting and maintaining the comprehensive health of women across the multiple and diverse contexts of their lives. It offers courses for learning knowledge and nursing skills that concentrate on healthy childbearing women and family, high-risk problems of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period, and various gynecologic and women-specific illnesses.


Community Health Nursing

Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice applied to promote and maintain the health of a population. The dominant responsibility is to (lies in) the population as a whole. Nursing directed to individuals, families, or groups contributes to the health of the total population. The focus of community health nursing is on the prevention of illness and the promotion and maintenance of health.


Mental Health Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on the maintenance and promotion of mental health by understanding the human being as a unique and individual self in terms of psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects. The students learn theoretical knowledge, nursing interventions and treatment-related mental health. Research deals with individuals, families and communities focusing on mental health based on development stages.


Geriatric Nursing

The faculty in this division focuses on providing geriatric nursing interventions, managerial skills, and research in order to deliver comprehensive care to the elderly in a variety of health care settings, such as day care centers, nursing homes or group homes. Since 2007, the Geriatric Nursing Division has offered a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (GNP) program which has been ensured by the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing.