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Master of Science in Nursing

Master of science program offers a two-year course of graduate study for Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.). It is designed for registered nurses with a bachelor degree in nursing to foster abilities to be a manager, an educator and a researcher. By completing the program, graduates will be able to contribute to the development of nursing profession with combined knowledge of theories, research and clinical experience.


Advanced Practice in Nursing

It comprises four areas of nursing specialization (adult health, emergency care, home health care and gerontological care) to nurture nurse administrators, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. Students contribute to improving nursing care through research. The curriculum is designed for students to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of the foundations for specialized practice, as well as have an opportunity to implement the knowledge through advanced clinical practice.


International Master Program

This program is available for people from other nations who completed an entire curriculum of 12 years or more equivalent to elementary, Junior, high school before graduating or are expecting to graduate from a 4-year nursing college (university) abroad or those who have linguistic (Korean or English) proficiency at a certain level. International students may use campus resources and specifically designed assistance for students from countries outside Korea.


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of philosophy(Ph. D.) program aims to produce nursing scientists capable of developing nursing theories and conducting creative nursing research. This program is research oriented with a focus on clinical nursing research and designed to provide the theoretical and scientific knowledge necessary for scholarly pursuit in nursing. Students will show competence in an appropriate cognate area relevant to their major area of study by completing theory courses in nursing and related disciplines.