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I am delighted to serve as the Dean of the Ajou University College of Nursing. I look forward to working our faculty, students, alumni, and other professions who share our passion for a “World-Class Education in Nursing.” Since our foundation in 1997, we have rapidly evolved into a leading school in nursing, offering a full range of academic degrees and extensive continuing education, most notably the Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Our commitment to world-class education during the short history of the school has created a rich academic environment that facilitates achieving excellent nursing education, practice, research, interdisciplinary collaboration and professional service for our community. Our standard of excellence exemplifies in the accomplishments of our graduates and faculty who show different leadership. The school enrolls students in bachelor’s and master’s programs in five different areas of specialization as well as doctoral programs. We aim to produce nursing professionals who are committed to 1) improving healthcare needs of individuals, 2) serving humankind through the discovery of cutting-edge nursing skills and 3) demonstrating leadership both regionally and beyond.


To assure the continued excellence and strength of the college, the school has taken on many exciting initiatives over the past decade. A close affiliation with the state-of-the-art Ajou University Medical Center allows our faculty and students to perform evidence-based patient care and collaborate with experts from a variety of disciplines. Our faculty takes leadership positions on public research to community health issues, public service, and education. Our partnership with the community demonstrates the significant impact on improving the health of our communities. We also engage in the initiatives such as exchange programs with prestigious nursing colleges abroad, including UCLA in the United States and Life University in Cambodia that nurture the college of diverse learners and scholars.


Thank you for your interest in the Ajou University College of Nursing, I encourage you to visit us often for updates on new activities that will surely show how the College is leading the way based upon its constant growth and development.