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Title “Ajou International Day” celebrates the university’s culturally diverse student body
ID enurse Date 2013-12-19

“Ajou International Day” celebrates the university’s culturally diverse student body

“Ajou International Day,” held on the lawn square beside the sports stadium on Nov. 7, offered a great opportunity for the foreign students at Ajou University to introduce the cultures and foods of their home countries. Around 600 students from 44 countries participated in this year’s event, running booths that showcased the traditional attire, foods, and others characteristics of their home countries.

This year’s program began at 11 am with the opening ceremony followed by a series of events, including a congratulatory performance by the Martial Arts 24th Group BEAT, a tug-of-war, and a talent show. President of Ajou University Dr. Jae-hwan Ahn, vice dean of the College of Medicine Euy-young Soh, dean of the Graduate School Jae-suk Yoo, as well as the deans of various other colleges and departmental heads, all attended the event. Representatives from the embassies of Uzbekistan, Ghana and Vietnam as well as members of Shandong University in China and Ajou’s sister universities in China were present as well.

Participants were also given the opportunity to experience traditional Korean folk games like neolttwigi (similar to the see-saw), tuho (throwing sticks into a canister), and jae-ki-cha-hi (kicking shuttlecock game) and try on traditional Korean wedding attire.

About the event, President of Ajou University Dr. Jae-hwan Ahn commented, “I hope that Ajou International Day will serve as an opportunity for mutual understanding and exchange between and among local and overseas students.”

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