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신경발생 및 줄기세포 연구실

▶ SCI Papers (최근 5년)


Jin Hwa Jung, Andrew Aujin Kim, Da-Young Chang, Yoo Ra Park , Haeyoung Suh-Kim, Sung-Soo Kim. Three-dimensional assessment of bystander effects ofmesenchymal stem cells carrying a cytosinedeaminase gene on glioma cells. Am J Cancer Res 2015;5(9):2686-2696. 


Mi-Sun Lim, Mi-Yoon Chang , Sang-Mi Kim, Sang-Hoon Yi , Haeyoung Suh-Kim, Sung Jun Jung§ §§,Min Jung Kim, Jin Hyuk Kim, Yong-Sung Lee , Soo Young Lee , Dong-Wook Kim, Sang-Hun Lee,and Chang-Hwan Park. Generation of Dopamine Neurons from Rodent Fibroblaststhrough the Expandable Neural Precursor Cell Stage. The Journal of Biological Chemistry vol. 290, No. 28, pp.17401?17414, July 10, 2015.


Do Young Park, Byoung-Hyun Min, Byung Hyune Choi,Young Jick Kim,Mijin Kim, Haeyoung Suh-Kim,and Joon Ho Kim. The Degeneration of Meniscus RootsIs Accompanied by FibrocartilageFormation, Which May Precede MeniscusRoot Tears in Osteoarthritic Knees. Am J Sports Med. 2015 Oct 1.


  • Jong Mu Kim, Sung-Soo Kimand Young-Don Lee. 
  • Fas-associated factor 1 promotes in neurofibrillary tangle-mediated cell death of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in P301L transgenic mice. NeuroReport 2015, 26:767?772

  • Sung-Kuk Cho, 
  • Jung-Mi Choi, 
  • Jong-Mu Kim, 
  • Jae Youl Cho, 
  • Sung-Soo Kim, 
  • Sungyoul Hong,Haeyoung Suh-Kim, 
  • Young-Don Lee. 
  • AKT-independent Reelin signaling requires interactions of heterotrimeric Go and Src.Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015 Oct 9, in press.


    Myung-Deok Kim, Sung-Soo Kim, Hyun-Young Cha, Seung-Hun Jang, Da-Young Chang,Wookhwan Kim, Haeyoung Suh-Kim and Jae-Ho Lee. Therapeutic effect of hepatocyte growthfactor-secreting mesenchymal stem cellsin a rat model of liver fibrosis. Experimental & Molecular Medicine (2014) 46, e110; doi:10.1038/emm.2014.49


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    kim JW, You YH, Jung S, Suh-Kim H, Lee IK, Cho JH, Yoon KH.miRNA-30a-5p-mediated silencing of Beta2/NeuroD expression is an important initial event of glucotoxicity-induced beta cell dysfunction in rodent models. Diabetologia. (2013) Apr. 56(4):847-55.

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