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Public health and Social medicine


The objective of majoring in public health is to identify the health hazards of specific population groups, finds means of their prevention, and to improve the overall health conditions by understanding the scientific and policy measures. The program covers two areas: preventive medicine and medical humanities and social sciences.


Preventive Medicine & Public Health

예방의학교실 (219-5080) 

Medical humanities & Social Medicine

인문사회의학교실 (219-4567, 5087) 


Department Head


Prof. Suh Hae-young (Dept. of Anatomy , 219-5033)

서해영 교수(해부학교실, 219-5033)

Leading Professor for Major of Publich Health

Prof. Lee Soon-young (Dept. of Preventive Medicine , 219-5301)
이순영 교수(예방의학교실, 219-5301)