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Graduate School of Medicine allows students to obtain evolving medical theories and related knowledge of life sciences through case studies and individual research. The educational objective is to train students with the ability to carry out medical research on their own, which eventually becomes the foundation of medical development. From September 1993, this institution was licensed under the Ministry of Education. The Ph.D program was established in March 1994 and the Master’s/Ph.D joint program in September 2005.

To be admitted to the program, applicants must have an M.D degree and a recommendation from a chief professor or associate professor.


Purpose of Education

The Graduate School of Medicine aims to train physician scientists with the ability to perform research whose results will be worldly renowned.


Educational Objectives

1. To promote comprehension of various theories in medical field.

2. To develop and promote independent research skills

3. To cultivate ability to conduct collaborative research with other medical science fields or basic science disciplines