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M.D Program

Founded in March 1988, Ajou University School of Medicine accepted first-year students in 2009 after all years of reorganization of education system, curriculum and new graduate medical school system.

First of all, Ajou University School of Medicine will educate the physicians and medical scientists to work on the international stage on the basis of medical and scientific knowledge. Secondly, we will train health professionals who are able to predict new diagnostics and therapies on the basis of disease pathogenesis and medical knowledge.

Third, we will grow leaders of various activities in the field of education, and, finally, produce young and dynamic leaders who make significant impact on medical field globally.

To achieve our goals of education, Ajou School of Medicine has been operating the following programs.


Medical Doctoral Program (MD)

The MD program is a 4-year program to train primary care physicians, which includes a variety of undergraduate basic and clinical science courses and clinical training program.


M.D and Ph.D joint program (MD/PhD degree)

The M.D/Ph.D joint program aims to produce medical scientists with scientific thinking, scientific research methodology, and the ability to make proper diagnosis through analysis. This is a special program of Ajou School of Medicine in which professional degree programs and academic degree programs are in conjunction. It will compose around 10% of graduates among total number of graduates from Ajou School of Medicine.