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Since the last century, Ajou School of Medicine has been promoting medical education throughout the nation to improve the exposed problems of modern medicine. Our efforts to meet the new global trends that can bring medical benefits have made us adapt distinctive educational systems from the past. Current medical education is divided into the enrollment curriculum and the medical curriculum. In the medical curriculum, a new integrated curriculum called ACME(Ajou Curriculum for Medical Excellence) 2009 was created.


With our emphasis on character education, we established leadership courses, introductory seminars, medical ethics, and dialogues with mentors and distributed the classes evenly throughout the six-year program in order to promote ethical and moral cultivation in future physicians.


Based on the educational goals of professionalism, competence, self-development, leadership, and scientific knowledge, we aim to train physicians and medical scientists who are able to predict new diagnostics and treatments for various disorders. We will train them to be global health professionals who contribute their skills and services for the benefit of the world.


2 +4 year course

6-year series of courses were reorganized to respond flexibly to the new medical graduate school system.


Grading system

Grading is done per semester; but the pass of curriculum is determined by accumulated score throughout the year.


Character education programs

ㆍHospital service: It is mandatory for the students in the enrollment curriculum to be engaged in volunteer service at Ajou University Hospital for 4 weeks during the off-school period. In addition, students will develop their medical knowledge through psychological understanding of the patients, interaction with health professionals, and exploring the current health care system. In 2010, we plan to send students on a medical volunteer trip to Tanzania for 2 weeks.


ㆍDialogue with mentors: We began this program from the second semester of 2006 in order to provide students with opportunities to browse career options and to obtain insight about future development potential. The program is for both undergraduate and graduate students and the time period is 10 times per year every Friday for 2 hours. Through dialogues and interactions with professionals in various fields of society, students can gain valuable insights in exploring career opportunities. Meanwhile, politicians, lawyers, government officials, human rights activists, missionaries, executives of pharmaceutical companies who used to be doctors were invited to our dialogues. And the former deans, alumni presidents, and emeritus professors have been mentors of many current students. From 2009, reflecting the feedback from the students, guest speakers were not limited to former doctors but have since included a poet, a hospice volunteer, and a marketing agency CD (Creative Director). From 2010, dialogue with mentors has become a formal program of the curriculum.