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Thank you for visiting the website for Ajou University School of Medicine (AUSOM). The Ajou University School of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine is a young adolescent institution which opened its doors in 1988 and has since celebrated the 21st graduation class in 2014. Despite its short history, our young institution has achieved renowned status during its brief 25 years celebrates but is as yet in the developing and maturing phase that foresees a boundless future growth. Albeit each year’s class has only 40 aspiring students, the medical school faculty numbering 420 and the more than 1000 bed hospital constitutes the only tertiary medical facility institution that is available in the southern Gyeonggi Province.


AUSOM is a warm and friendly university that affords top of the line medical education.
With each class limited to 40 students, AUSOM’s student body of approximately 240 is the smallest of any medical school nationwide. At the same time, our faculty of approximately 420 members, including 240 full-time professors and various adjunct instructors, is one of the largest in the country. This impressive faculty-to-student ratio of nearly 2:1 makes it possible for students to receive state of the art medical education and clinical clerkship training. One example in the excellence of medical student education is the government accreditation of AUSOM as one of the top medical education organizations for 6 years.


AUSOM ranks among the highest in academic achievements and clinical excellence.
AUSOM faculty and teaching staff excels as among the top in terms of academic achievements and clinical excellence in Korea. The number of SCI accredited publications per single faculty member is ranked 4th in Korea and we are also ranked 6th in research funding nationwide. In addition, the SRC and MRC have not only been selected for the second 7-year term as a leading research center sponsored by the government, but also our hospital has been designated as a research-driven hospital from the government (MOHW) in 2013, defining our qualifications as a translational and clinical research center.


AUSOM is a continuously growing and dynamic institution.
AUSOM has established itself as a distinguished school in a short span of time with potential energy for continuous changes and development that will strive to overcome the hurdles of the medical disciplines nationwide, as well as internationally, to become a leader in the medical and biomedical fields. We are already building initiatives with respect to medical education, social community services, which would evolve into a full curriculum of medical humanities and social medicine, which in turn would become a benchmark for other medical schools in Korea. Additional medical education innovations led by AUSOM include the founding of a medical research center, the training program for specialists in medical education, and physician scientist programs.  We are also a forerunner in the globalization of Korean medicine. Beginning in 2003, we initiated a student-exchange program with overseas institutions including Stony Brook University, the State University of New York, as well as other medical schools in Japan and Italy. We also have begun our relationships by receiving physician colleagues from Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia, thus supporting our aims to become an international leader in the medical profession.


AUSOM is attempting to soar high into the world based on our past 20 years of endeavor and dramatic trajectory of growth. We welcome anyone who desires to participate with us in our dream to become an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world. Thank you.